Make the Most of Your Time
Focus on important goals. Eliminate waste time.
Inspired by The Time Trap
  1. Stop doing everything

    The human brain cannot actually process two opposing thoughts simultaneously without loss of quality on both streams. So do it singly and sequentially!

  2. Focus on the important goals

    List out all your goals and prioritize them with your expectation. Less is more!

  3. Plan your week

    Plan when and how long you want to do each goal on your week. Keep all distractions out of the allotted time. Your choices, your focus, your time!

  4. Review and learn

    Nothing is easy, so is time management; however, you can learn and improve your skills. Always strike to improve yourself!

idealweek was built to help you control your time a lot easier.
never miss

Never miss a great idea

idealweek is now available on both your browser and your mobile phone. You can record any great idea quickly. You can prioritize all the goals easily with drag and drop.

Plan with pleasant

Enjoy planning your week with drag and drop. Adjust allotted time never easier with 'Move to preceding available time' and 'Take succeeding available time'.


Hello to flexible world

Nothing is fixed or final. Update your execution on the way. The report is available anytime for you to review and adjust the plan.

Built for you

idealweek is built to maximize your valuable time, your call on how it's gonna work. Feedback anytime with in-app feedback menu.

Goal management
  • With color
  • Prioritization
  • Tasks
  • Conditions
  • Category support
Time allocation
  • With goal color
  • Repeated events
  • Validation
  • Editable with ease
  • Category display
  • On web browser
  • On mobile devices
  • By goals
  • By categories
  • By time